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Photograph of a visitor on the BLACKFORESTLINE in Todtnau


Frequently asked questions

A visit to a suspension bridge is not an everyday occurrence. To answer any questions you may have in advance, we have put together our FAQ.

Do I need special footwear to visit the BLACKFORESTLINE?

As the suspension bridge has a grid floor flat but profiled footwear like hiking or trekking shoes are most practical. Slim oder pointy heels might get stuck in the floor and lead to tumbles. We recommend wearing normal and sportive shoes or – especially on rainy days – hiking shoes.

May I let a drone fly at or on the bridge?

At the area around the bridge it is forbidden to let a drone fly. The bridgeheads and the construction are interference fields for a drone and therefore letting fly a drone leads to a potential danger for the visitors. For individual cases in the commercial sector exemptions can be requested.

May I take my dog with me?

Yes, bringing dogs with you is allowed! However, they have to be on a leash – the maximum leash length is one metre.

Please note the following:
The dog owner is responsible for passing the turnstile barriers with his dog. Please bear in mind that the walkway is made of grid floor at a height of up to 60 metres, and not every animal can cope with this unfamiliar situation. Under certain circumstances the grid floor can be extremely painful for the animal. If possible, your pet should be equipped with dog shoes. For smaller breeds we recommend carrying the dog. While crossing the bridge the dog should be kept on an extremely short leash; at best the animal should be carried directly by the collar.

Are there certain requirements regarding who can enter the bridge?

Not really. Children, however, mustn‘t enter without their parents. We would love to offer a daily and flexible visit to wheelchair users or familys with pushchairs – not only at special days or times. Unfortunately, an entrance for wheelchairs and pushchairs is still only possible at the bridgehead on the western side (at the visitors‘ centre) and only during the opening hours of the visitors‘ centre (until Octobre every day from 10am – 4am). The staff lets wheelchair users/ pushchairs enter through a separate entrance which also is the only exit at the end of your visit. The number of wheelchairs/pushchairs allowed on the bridge at the same time is limited, so short waiting times are possible.

In general the bridge is also open when it rains or snows; in case of a severe weather warning the BLACKFORESTLINE will be closed.

Does the BLACKFORESTLINE charge an entrance fee?

Yes, tickets for adults cost 12,00 € and tickets for children cost 9,50 €.; for groups of more than 21 persons please contact us using the contact page.


The handrail is elevated and clad. The suspension bridge is built for 1.000 persons. We only admit a maximum of 400 persons at the same time to ensure enough free space to truly enjoy the bridge. It is stable enough. And entering as a group makes the experience even more fun.

What else can I combine with my visit at the BLACKFORESTLINE?

There are various attractions, restaurants, establishments and stores are waiting for guests. There‘s something offered for everyone. Have a look at the menu point activities.

How many persons are on the bridge at the same time?

1.000 persons are allowed to enter the bridge at the same time. To make sure our guests feel at ease, however, we only allow a maximum of 400 people on the BLACKFORESTLINE at the same time. This way, everybody can enjoy the visit. The width of the walkway is 120 centimetres.



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